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How long before we know your name?

Good People, Great Wine.

This is New York. Where your neighborhood is your city and your local shops are a place of ongoing discovery.

Bottlenose knows this and our shop provides a warm, inviting place to discover new and exciting varietals. Not knowing anything about wines is not a problem. Our helpful staff loves to share their extensive experience so you can get the most out of every bottle you take home. We are the place to find new, interesting, and rare vintages to further your journey of wine enjoyment.

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Specializing in handcrafted products by small batch producers.


While we always keep what you love in stock, we also carry a large selection of new and notable wines from around the world. Each time you come in, you will discover something new and exciting. Let us help you become the connoisseur you always knew you were.


Nothing has exploded recently like craft distilling and we carry a wider range than anyone. From rare "white dog" to handmade gins and absinthes to small batch bourbons produced from around the country. Of course, if you need it, we always have a bottle of Absolut or Maker's for you, too.


Didn't know that New York produced some of the best wines and spirits in the country? Well... it does. From some of the finest small batch distilleries in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley to outstanding wineries in fifty different New York counties. And we carry a wide range of these local producers.

Access to the best wines & spirits in the world.

Some of the special products we currently have in stock...

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Charles Smith Winery


Brooklyn Gin

spirits / local

Industry Standard Vodka

spirits / local



Broc Cellars Wines


Ridge Cellars


Sipsmith London Dry Gin


Van Brunt Stillhouse Single Malt Whiskey

spirits / local

Michelberger Forest and Mountain


This is just a small sample of the
amazing products we offer.


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