Rosé… Think Pink!

Rosé is a mystery to most. Most of us are polarizingly white or red wine drinkers, until the second bottle to say the least. Though made all year, when summer comes along, we see tons of this pretty pink wine pop up all over the place. But what is it made from? Is it going to be dry? Nothing that pink can’t not be sweet right?
Rosé is made from the same grapes that all the reds you drink are from. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Grenache and many more all are used to make rosé. The color of the wine you drink depends on how long the grape skins are left in contact with the grape juice. When the skins of the red wines are kept in contact with the juice, the color can darken to make a dark rosé or a red wine if you want to keep going! This is the most popular way to make rose, although some are a blend of red and white. When the grapes are crushed to make red wine, as the juice runs from the grapes they separate it off and use it to make the pink rose wines.
Next time you are looking for a Rosé don’t let the dark ones scare you! They are usually fuller bodied, with richer concentration of flavors and can have nice acid and tannins too that red wine drinkers traditionally look for. Provence is known for Rosé, and that is the benchmark that many have come to know and love. There are serious Rosés out there too that pair enthusiastically with food and can even be aged.
Mystery solved. Come in and taste some!

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